Website Care Plans

Protect Your Investment. Attract Better Customers.

Website Functionality and Vitality

By now, we all know how important your website is to your business.  It is the virtual face of any business that educates the consumer or contributor, generates leads and can funnel revenue. No matter what you use your website for, you need it to be running fast and healthy.

Website Vulnerabilities Are Commonplace

All software needs to be updated on a regularly. Your computer is constantly updating your operating system no matter what company or brand you chose.  Most of these updates are to improve security and stability and the software that runs your website is no exception. It too needs to be kept up to date with the latest security and functionality updates.

Your Time Vs. Doing It Yourself

You could take a few classes, “google” answers to questions, assuming you knew which to ask in the first place and watch YouTube videos into the wee hours of the night in an attempt to educate yourself.  However, learning the behind-the-scenes of this ever-changing industry would surely take you away from your established skill-sets that your business needs everyday.  Let a pro bare that load!

Where We Come In

As WordPress experts, we’ve been mastering the software and riding the crest of the web development industry for over 10 years.  We make it our business, literally, to know what’s going on with WordPress and the internet. Change is constant.  The technology in the back-end is getting more and more complicated and UX trends we follow are the most current. We’re on top of it so you don’t have to be.

What We Do…

Depending on the Care Plan you select:

  • We will make sure the code that runs your website is up to date and secure.
  • We will run regular backups of everything (files, images, content, WordPress software, plugins, everything!)
  • We will perform website updates each month – whether it’s code or content – we’ve got you covered. (such as modify content, add a new page of content you supplied, adjust menu items, upload blog post or photo gallery, etc.)
  • We will be an email or phone call away – 24/7
  • We will provide advice and strategy for your site, your social media marketing, or anything business related.
  • We will work on your local SEO, social media and blogging each month.