The talent that brings the passion to each project

Terry Knight

Terry Knight

Creative Director, Founder

“I love what I do (when I’m not singing)! I get excited to see my clients get reinvigorated with the success their new marketing campaign brings.” Read More

After studying Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Boston, I got a great job doing high level presentations for large companies such as Price Waterhouse (T Rowe Price), Coopers & Lybrand, Booz, Allen & Hamilton – companies on this scale. I learned how to implement visually compelling design to help their audiences absorb important information. The owners always told me that I think big – more like an entrepreneur than an employee. So, they gave me opportunities to work in various aspects of their business which helped me become a well rounded entrepreneur. I come from an entrepreneurial family so it was a natural step to start my own company.

Through these experiences, I came to see that when business strategies and creativity are combined in a client’s marketing, their business grew faster than it normally would. The business owners transform in boldness and confidence as they use their “sexy” marketing materials and their prospects can understand, relate and are happy to work with them.

What does “Sexy” mean in marketing? It means confidence, power, cutting edge! It means standing apart from your competitors. It’s the power of seduction with words and images to make a potential customer want to take action. In a modern world where we are inundated with information it means you need to seductively capture the attention of an audience into wanting to know more. It means money, success, and feeling great about your business because it’s growing! It means going home relaxed at the end of the day and enjoying your family time. My clients love and enjoy this!

I love what I do! I get excited seeing my clients get reinvigorated with the success that their new marketing campaign brings.

Other tidbits to know about Terry: In my spare time, I am the lead singer, lyricist and melody writer in my original rock band of 4+ years, Obsidian (

As for my business, I’ve worked with a range of clients from multi dollar businesses to solopreneurs. Prior to founding Knight Creative Services, Inc., I designed and produced brochures and multi-page documents, slide presentations, corporate identity (logos), sell sheets for Fortune 500 management consulting firms for a boutique design studio. I then worked with a commercial printing company learning the front and back end of the printing process making me a more valuable designer.

I bring over 20+ years experience in Corporate Marketing, Business to Business, and Business to Consumer Marketing Worked with a wide variety of clients including: The Economist, International Bonded Couriers (IBC), The Wall Street Journal, Sensat & Giralda Olive Oil (Salgado, USA), Turner Construction, The Commercial Office of Spain, SHARE Self Help for Women with Breast & Ovarian Cancer

  • AD Web Design & Interactive Media, Digital Design Diploma, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
  • Studied Fine Art and Foundational Design at The Art Institute of Boston
  • Member of the Power Partners Initiative
  • Presented a seminar on Pricing and Ethical Guidelines at the Graphics Artist Guild
  • Studied Consultative sales at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
  • Studied at The Art Institute of Boston and The  Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
  • My hobbies are rollerblading, running, working out, acting, singing, learning the drums, drinking red wine and enjoying the company of great friends.
Glenn Werner

Glenn Werner

Director of Concept Development

“I love brainstorming the concept and combining image, design, and story into unique marketing materials that will go out in the world with a powerful message.” Read More

I grew up surrounded by graphic art and design. My father was a printer and we talked about design all the time in our house. In high school, I was one of the top art students and was asked to design play posters and literary journals. I went on to study graphic design at Parsons.

After graduation, I was hired and mentored by one the top players of the graphic design world in New York City and around the country. It was an incredible opportunity, getting to work on such big projects as the Egyptian Room at The Met, 1 UN Plaza Hotel across from the United Nations and an Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station among others. I then went on to do work in architectural design with big companies such as Neiman Marcus and Industrial design with companies like AT&T.

It was when I worked as a production manager and creative director for one of the biggest international agencies, J. Walter Thompson, that I was given the opportunity conceptualize marketing and ad campaigns with copywriters from beginning to implementation. This is what I love to do the most for clients!

I love brainstorming the concept and combining image, design, and story into unique marketing materials that will go out in the world with a powerful message

There’s a legacy in this that is beautiful. It’s almost like giving birth to a child and sending it out in the world to help our clients grow their businesses which in turn helps their customers.

It requires going the extra distance to make sure everything is perfect and all the pieces fit together perfectly so that the marketing does exactly what it needs to do for our client. I enjoy it (and I torture myself until I get it just right)! It gives me tremendous satisfaction and there’s such a feeling of euphoria when it all comes together.

Once my daughter was born, I took all of my experience and started to work closer to home in Hudson Valley company. When I met Terry, I was impressed by her talent, drive and devotion to her work. I was so excited to be asked to be on her team doing cutting edge work for our clients.

Jon Wolf

Jon Wolf

Web Development

“It’s exciting and fulfilling to see how the finished product helps clients make successful strides in their business.” Read More

I am an experienced professional musician who fell in love with web design quite by accident.

I’m lucky, I love what a do – In fact it’s so enjoyable that to me, it doesn’t even feel like work! It energizes me. The balance between the creative and technical aspects of the work fit my musician personality. It’s the perfect marriage of artistry plus math plus science that makes this work so compelling to me.

Unlike most of my peers, I prefer face-to-face meetings whenever possible. I like to see clients, see their faces and really interact with them. I get to know them and really understand the goals they have for their website and business. Clients like this and I find it interesting and enjoyable to learn about their businesses.

It’s exciting and fulfilling to see how the finished product helps clients make successful strides in their business. I also like to give extra help and value. So much so that 90% of customers renew their hosting after 2 years and many customers have continued on from the very beginning. It’s a win-win all around!

Other tidbits to know about Jon:

  • Degree in Systems Administration & Programming
  • 16 years of experience creating, servicing and hosting websites
  • I play piano, keyboard and guitar. I love music and I still play regularly.
  • Currently plays on the national theatre circuit with the British Invasion Years
  • Member of Primary Connections Group
  • A website and packaging done for a gluten free macaroon cookie was showcased on 60 Minutes in a health segment. That was exciting!
Elliot Santiago

Elliot Santiago

Video Producer

“Anybody can point a camera and shoot but they won’t know all of the aspects that go into creating a goal oriented video marketing tool.” Read More

I have always been a creative person. As a kid, I loved painting, sketching, singing, and acting. My father has been a professional stunt man, working on major Hollywood films and shows since before I was born.  At age 10, my dad brought me on set, and I got to see  behind-the-scenes work for an episode of Law and Order. It was fascinating to see how the filming of a show came together – with a team of people and all of these different moving parts. Something clicked inside of me and I’ve been inspired to produce videos ever since.

I started working on video production in college and by the time I left the university, I had a good deal of amateur film projects under my belt.  After moving back home and several odd jobs later, I got connected with the founder of a boutique marketing agency in Hoboken NJ. Since then I’ve helped grow that company and have gained 5+ years of hands on experience working with real clients and having the support of talented video producers who have all guided me and helped me hone my craft.  Honestly, I’d be nothing without my team. Leading a project to completion, bringing a team together, blending ideas and coming up with a wonderful product that is so much better than anyone could do by themselves.

It’s the logistics and planning that sets us apart. Anybody can point a camera and shoot but they won’t know all of the aspects that go into creating a goal oriented video marketing tool. We believe in making everything we do from commercials to Instagram videos very goal oriented so that it drives sales and increases revenue for our clients.

There is a way to work with any client and any budget. I believe that each person should get the same opportunity to have great video and animation and align that with their marketing goals so that it helps to grow their business. One of the most rewarding things about what I do is knowing how to help clients find cost effective solutions that will ultimately garner the same results as higher end work. I love everything about producing videos. One of the highlights is working with people who are nervous about being filmed for the first time and seeing their faces when they view the finished product and see how great they look. I also love animation – coming up with a character and bringing it to life.

I am very grateful to make a living doing work that is exciting and interesting. I love Monday mornings and staying late working on Fridays!  Here at Team Terry, I get to work with great people and produce wonderful marketing videos.

Irene Gutmann, MSW

Irene Gutmann, MSW

Copy Strategist

“The excitement for me is watching clients grow in business and marketing confidence that transcends into other areas of their lives.” Read More

I started out as a clinical social worker counseling teenagers, young adults and their parents. Working with young adults was the most rewarding. The frustration I had was just when clients had made good progress and were happy enough to go after dreams to create something wonderful in their lives, the counseling would end. And that’s where the fun for them really begins!

Then I learned about coaching, nearly 14 year ago. It starts with people who are already doing well but want to get more out of their lives and businesses. I got excited. Focusing on business owners who wanted to grow, I studied marketing and sales. In time, I developed a system that enrolls clients in a way that sounds natural and works so much better than most marketing.

My psychology training has been my biggest asset in this work. It allows me to go a little deeper into the unspoken issues. It shows clients that you really understand their problem and how solving it will affect their lives. It makes sense to them. They connect and want to work with you. Being professional while showing, insight, compassion, and your sense of purpose is irresistible to clients and it gets results.

When clients work with me, they bring in more customers, create more cash flow, and make more. The excitement for me is watching them grow in business and marketing confidence that transcends into other areas of their lives.

I love seeing these transformations!

It’s truly a euphoric experience to work with clients who have a strong sense of purpose or contribution in their business. If they are passionate about helping their clients, I feel wonderful infusing it into a strategy for their websites, brochures, and all collateral. That’s why I love working with Team Terry. Terry is a talented, passionate leader of a terrific marketing & design team and it’s an honor to be a part of it.

Other tidbits to know about Irene:

  • Graduated Suma Cum Laude from NYU graduate school of Social Work
  • Over 50 post graduate courses in psychology, coaching, marketing, and sales.
  • Over 15 years’ experience helping business owners grow their businesses.
  • Awarded “Servicewoman of the Year at the Rockland Business Women’s Network/RBWN, 2014
  • VP of Programming for RBWN
  • Past President of ProMetroNet
  • Committee Member for Power Partners, 3rd Wave Networking
  • Member of the Women’s Journey Retreat Team, Church of the Presentation.
  • Member of Nova Hope for Haiti (an organization that built a medical clinic in Haiti)
  • My hobbies Jazz performance dance and cake decorating
Camille O’Connor

Camille O’Connor

Chief of Operations

“I take care of the detail work and make sure that things don’t fall through the cracks…” Read More

I have worked in a variety of areas all with a common thread of putting things in their place, helping businesses & individuals become more efficient which saves time & money.

I started out as a production assistant for a public television station in Florida but changed career paths when I relocated back home to New York and decided to focus on raising my children. I went to work for a direct mail broker in Connecticut where I learned to target market and drive sales. This led to an opportunity to work from home where I helped the company’s migration of data transition efficiently into a new system.

After many years, I became interested in organization. Whether it be setting up filing systems or organizing the office, I truly believe clearing tangible clutter also clears the clutter in your mind freeing up space for creativity and success.  Helping people use their time, resources and space efficiently is my success!

My attitude is … Yes, I can!

I have had many clients with the common goal to organize their lives and businesses to become more successful. I was thrilled to meet Terry and join her dynamic team where I can use my expertise to keep the back office running smoothly so that Terry is free to use her multi talents to run this company and serve her clients at a very high level. I like supporting people who are doing something big and that’s Terry! I take care of the detail work and make sure that things don’t fall through the cracks while Terry can use her expertise and thrive at being the creative professional that she is. It’s a great partnership and there is a lot of synergy.

In my personal life, I’m married to a wonderful guy and have 2 amazing children.  Since my kids are grown, I like to spend my free time volunteering at an animal shelter and reading but still love watching Disney movies with my kids when they’re willing to humor me. I’m also very handy – I even have my own tool belt :). I’ve done some light carpentry & electrical work and am called upon often for decorating advice.  I’ve learned a lot of different skills over the years, all of which make me a well-rounded, resourceful person! I bring all of that to every task I take on!